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"Intelligent Integration" goes beyond filling a single need.

We offer creative solutions to allow our customers to get more value for their money. Many of our competitors offer their customers a single solution, where we go the extra mile to solve more needs with a single project.

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Telephone Systems

We offer service on several different manufacturers of systems, as well as offer new systems from NEC, Panasonic, Mitel and Toshiba.

Network Solutions

If you have 2 computers or if you have 200, we can help. Need fiber optic cabling between buildings, we do that too. We offer networking services for almost any type of business.

Intercom and Sound Systems

We offer an assortment of door intercoms, small intercoms systems for small schools all the way up to apartment complex intercom/entry systems. We also offer sound systems for offices, churches and schools.

Fire Alarm

We offer service on many different manufacturers and provide new solutions from Silent Knight to fit any need from a simple sprinkler supervisory system, to a 16 building college campus and everything in between. We also offer the exclusive IFP-1000ECS and IFP-2000ECS Emergency Communications System which are part of the Farenhyt line.

Security Systems

We offer solutions from GE, Bosch, Napco and others, whether it is a doctor's office, or a security system that integrates with a home automation system, we have you covered.

CCTV Camera Systems

We offer an extensive line of cameras from different manufacturers to fit any need. We offer a large range of recording devices as well.